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Welcome to my personal web site : Author & Editor Cliff Saveall

The site is aimed at my travels and whatever I stumble across. My photographic record and account of anything that catches my eye while travelling has given me the platform to share with others, including the general photo's that I have enhanced. Check out the Journal Blog......

Some aspects of my work are all self taught which has broadened my skills and knowledge using Photoshop, so my photos appear to be either natural or edited slightly.

My other passion again is about the design features using Photoshop, it's a working progression as I add each design to the site for your enjoyment. It may not suit some, but I enjoy what I create whether it be in business or just for fun. My Design Gallery page is focussed on the web site development for my small business venture. (The design shop has been discontinued)

My other hobby is Golf which has taken me to some wonderful places; especially in Thailand. The scenery is breathtaking at some course's. My enjoyment is to assist the running of Udon Thani Golf, my main contribution is in web developing/editing and the content author. So visit our site if you are keen on Golf @  - Facebook: UdonThaniGolf

Every Image or photograph was taken by me, using two different type's of Canon camera. My latest Canon is a EOS Digital SLR 60D using a Canon 18-200mm image stabilizer and 0.45 macro lens. My old model was the Canon powershot compact digital camera, some old images were taken by this camera.........a useful camera. The header images above were taken with my Canon 60D camera and edited in Photoshop.

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Born in the United Kingdom in the county of Essex. Retired early as an I.T Business Manager I needed an interest to keep my sanity and something to keep me mentally alert, with the freedom I have now I'm able to design and develop anything that pops into my head. 

 I hope this site gives other's pleasure in looking at some of my photo's as the pleasure it has given me in taking them for this web site

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